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Member Spotlight: Aboubacar Conde

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Meet BOS Member Aboubacar Conde, owner of Ednoc Vehicle Trading, LLC. We asked Aboubacar a few questions about his small business and experience coworking at The Back Office Studio. Here's what he said:

BOS: Tell us about your small business. ABOUBACAR: Ednoc Vehicle Trading LLC is a license wholesale vehicle dealer—specialized in used vehicles trading.

BOS: How long have you been a member of The BOS? ABOUBACAR: I have been a member of The BOS for about eight months now.

BOS: What do you like most about working at The BOS? ABOUBACAR: My absolute favorite working at The BOS is the Staff—very friendly and always willing to help as needed. I also enjoy the financial saving from not renting my own office, the cleanness of the work space and the amenities included with the membership.

Thanks for coworking at The BOS!

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