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Carmo Ribeiro

Where do you consider your hometown?

Is there such thing as a divided hometown? If there is such thing, I can say I have a divide hometown mindset. I am divided between Sao Paulo Brazil where I was born and Ann Arbor where I raised my family.

How long have you been in Ypsi?

I have been coming to Ypsilanti since 1999 for different reasons: first to finish my grad studies at EMU, second to visit friends, third to enjoy coffee at Cultivate, and finally provide non-medical in-home services for Seniors in the area.

What do you like about Ypsi?

There are several things I like in Ypsi: First, I really appreciate the great diversity. The city has easy access, it is close to highly innovative area, and has embraced an entrepreneurship movement in the region. Ypsilanti has been part of American history making significant contributions during crucial times.

What passion are you pursuing at The BOS?

At the BOS I am pursuing the passion to connect with other people, sharing common needs, and building strong relations, while providing help for Seniors by Seniors to stay in the comfort of their homes if they can.

What's a fun BOS story?

A fun story about BOS was during the open house, Misha Tuesday (BOS member) placed an actual door key in my hand and it started to turn without touching. He said it was because of some sort of Chi. (Magic!!!).

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous, who was it?

I have never been told that I look like someone famous. - > My guess I just look like myself

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