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Face Masks  by Platypus Works

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Platypus Works recognizes the multi-talents of individuals and their abilities to adapt to our changing times.   Our 3D origami design face masks are easy breathing. They are available in a variety of colors and fabric patterns for you to choose from depending on your style, occasion, needs, and wants.  


The wonderful features of the 3D origami design are

  • 100% pre-washed high-quality cotton fabric 

  • triple to quadruple layers for adults; double layer for children

  • anti-fogging or fog reducing 

  • comfortable easy breathing without sucking in the mask due to a stitched fabric structure on the folds 

  • soft elastic ear loops with adjustable silicon cord locks; available with ties and no elastics by pre-paid special request

  • machine washable and air dry to safeguard elastic

  • measurements sizes are approximations


How many do you need? At least one for each day of the week or one to match each pair of shoes and/or colors in your fashionable wardrobe!  Oh, don't forget the special event and time of year!

Legend of the Platypus: The Aboriginal old people tell a Dreamtime story of Gaya-dari the Platypus (platypi, plural). The different groups of animals each felt they were more special than the others.  When they saw that shy Platypus did not belong to any group, each one approached Platypus to join their group because each felt they were more special than the others and Platypus shared unique characteristics with each of them.  Animals have fur and run across the land.  Sea creatures could swim through the waterways.  Birds could fly and lay eggs. Platypus shared unique characteristics with every group which created confusion for him to decide where he belonged.  After much thought and consultation with friends, Playtus called all the animal groups together to announce his decision.  He thanked all of them and decided not to join any group.  But all the animal groups protested.  Platypus explained:  I do not need a group to be unique and neither does each animal because everyone has something that makes him or her very special.  All the creatures agreed.  From that day onward, Platypus is considered to be very wise and special [adapted from Aboriginal Art & Stories by Pauline McLead, 1994.]

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