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Entrepreneurs: 3 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

Article by Kristin Anne Danko, The Back Office Studio

Mastermind groups are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs at any stage of their career. A Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentorship group designed to help each of its members succeed. I’m currently in a Mastermind group comprised of women solopreneurs. Although our businesses and fields of expertise are different, our challenges and successes are similar which makes for a rewarding and beneficial experience.

Here are three reasons to join a Mastermind group:

  1. Accountability: Mastermind group members hold each other accountable. When you set a monthly goal and know you will be asked about it at the next meeting, the likelihood of you accomplishing what you said you would is high.

  2. Advice: No matter what challenge you’re facing, there's a good chance that a member of your Mastermind group has experienced something similar. Your fellow group members can offer you solutions. They will provide helpful, first hand advice to help you conquer your challenge.

  3. Support: Being an entrepreneur is hard. Not everyone understands the strength and endurance it takes to run your own business. Having a support system of fellow entrepreneurs to celebrate your successes and lift you up when you're struggling is invaluable.

Ready to join a Mastermind group? Consider joining a coworking space like The Back Office Studio to meet fellow entrepreneurs. Networking events and sites like are also great places to find Mastermind groups.

Starting a business comes with a unique set of challenges. A Mastermind group can help you in your road to success.

About the Author

Kristin Anne Danko is the Community Manager at The Back Office Studio. She earned her MA in arts administration from Eastern Michigan University and is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Neighborhood Theatre Group, a non-profit theatre company in Ypsilanti. She is currently pursuing a Social Media Specialization Certificate with Northwestern and Coursera. Let’s connect on Twitter: @KristinAnne_38

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