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Meredith Mitchell

Meet Meredith from Mitch the Plumber

Where is your hometown?

I grew up in both Ann Arbor and Saline, Michigan.

How long have you been in Ypsi?

Probably 4 years, give or take. I’ve been working here for about 6 months and I have attended both EMU and Washtenaw Community College.

What do you like about Ypsi?

How much Ypsi has to offer! Between Depot Town, Downtown, and EMU Campus: you really get a little bit of everything here. I love the vibrance of all the different areas of the town coming together to provide a unique experience for both residents and visitors.

What passion are you pursuing at The Back Office Studio?

My passion for helping others. I have worked in customer service for 7 years and having such an amazing space to work in everyday really makes the work day enjoyable!

What fun BOS story would you like to share?

That’s a hard question, any day here at BOS is fun!

Is there anywhere you'd like to travel? Where?

I have three places at the top of my travel bucket list : Scotland, Ireland, and Santorini.

Scotland and Ireland because of my rich family history in both. Santorini because it has always been my dream honeymoon destination – we have a picture up on our fridge at home to remind us what we are saving for!

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