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Reach Church: Blackout Mixer Expo

Look who's BOS'n it! Check out this special event happening at the BOS!

Blackout Mixer Expo

October 12th, 8pm - 11pm

Tell us a little bit about your event:

A millennial networkgin event with local business vendors and a pop up fashion show.

Tell us a little bit about your organization:

Reach Church is where the lost are found, the found are equipped, and the equipped are sent. The Young Adult Ministry is a space for young adults to connect with one another to do life together.

Is your organization located in Ypsi?


How long have you been with your organization?

Reach Church is 5 years old

Why did you choose the BOS for your event?

BOS is a great space in the community that is located in the heart of Ypsi. The people at BOS values community and organizations that add value.

Connect with Reach Church at:

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