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Sandy Aldrich

Meet BOS Member and Marketing & Communications Gal | Sandy Aldrich

Where do you consider your hometown?

I was born in South Korea, immigrated 49 years ago to Niagara Falls, NY and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. I guess I'm a gal from Kalamazoo...zoo...zoo.

How long have you been in Ypsi?

I've been working in Ypsi for a few months at the BOS. Before then, my Ypsi experiences were limited to find new places to eat in Ypsi.

What do you like about Ypsi?

I love the vibe here. The people are interesting and real. There doesn't seem to be an attitude that any one group is better than another. People seem to treat each other with equal respect or disdain if called for. When my kids come down to visit and walk around town, they always ask me, "Mom. Why are people so nice in Ypsi?"

What passion are you pursuing at The BOS?

I want to leave a positive mark on humanity. How? I'm not clear yet. So, for now, I'm finding ways to reinvigorate my passion for putting all my years of education and experience towards creating good. How do I use my "power" for good? That's my current pursuit.

What's a fun BOS story?

I always have fun at the BOS. Sometimes too much fun. That's when I head upstairs, head down, headphones on to focus. When it's my turn to open up the BOS, I love to wake up the building with some loud music and share it on our facebook page. The other week, I opened up the BOS to Aretha Franklin inspired by an Ypsi Jazz singer, Athena Johnson and about an hour later, Athena and her husband Kip walked through the doors. What a fun visit! And I learned that Kip is behind one of our neighbors, the Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center! Small world. People doing good in Ypsi. Just love it.

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous, who was it?

I've been told that I look like Connie Chung (I don't) and recently, Sandra Oh (I don't). I guess it's an Asian thing.

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