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Tyler Sanville

Meet BOS Member, Tyler Sanville | Program Manager for BFREE

Where do you consider your hometown?

I grew up in Pensacola, Florida. After I graduated high school my family relocated to California so I don’t visit my hometown very frequently. As an adult, I traveled a lot and have lived in Germany, Austria, Spain, California, DC, and back to Florida before moving to Michigan last year.

How long have you been in Ypsi?

I moved to Ypsi this past fall along with my partner Sean and our 7-year-old husky mix, Loki. We live downtown and I love that I can walk to The BOS!

What do you like about Ypsi?

While I’m new to town, I really love everything about Ypsilanti so far. I love to walk my dog down to Riverside Park after work and I CAN’T wait to experience spring (spring is still coming, right?) and summer for the first time. We welcome any hiking and camping recommendations! Favorite places so far are 734 Brewing for a beer, Cultivate for coffee, Delores' for dinner, Cream & Crumb for a vegan dessert, and Salt City Antiques for vintage treasure hunting. 

What passion are you pursuing at The BOS?

I work remotely as the Program Manager for an environmental NGO that operates a biological research station in southern Belize called the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education (BFREE). We host high school and undergrad field courses, graduate researchers, and eco-tours at our 1,200-acre reserve in the middle of the jungle. Prior to working with BFREE, I worked for Greenpeace for 8 years and have always been passionate about environmental awareness and activism.

What's a fun BOS story?

Hmm… I don’t know that I have one yet! What about – What do you like most about working at The BOS? I love how friendly everyone is at The BOS! It’s a great community and I love that I have met someone new every time I come in. It's also been fun to play, I spy Something New! Being a BOS member during its early days means witnessing its growth and I love coming in each week to find a new bookshelf, plant, seating area etc. The BOS management team is doing a great job at taking feedback and helping make this space something accessible and functional for a diverse set of members. 

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous, who was it?

I’ve never been told I had a celebrity doppelganger... 

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