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3 Ways to Achieve Success When Starting a Business

Article By: Ja'Nia Keith (BOS Intern)

As a college student pursuing a degree in communications and marketing, I am always looking for tools to help me advance in my career. While researching, I stumbled upon two enlightening articles on the actions I need to take to ensure success.

In this first article from, “ Optimize both your outer environment and inner state: 4 steps to success,” Moshe Engelberg gives advice on how to enhance your work environment for the better.

In the second article, “Every business owner should define what success looks like” found on Harvard Business Review, Josh Baron and Vlad Barbieri establish the actions necessary for success in business.

After reading both articles, I discovered that you must invest time into yourself and your business. Here are 3 tips to get your business going:

  • Define your Goals - Make sure to set goals of everything you want to achieve, both business and personal.

  • Set Boundaries - It’s important to set ground rules so that everything can run smoothly.

  • Develop your Strategy - This is where you begin to thoroughly plan for success that fits you and your business best!

Success stems from taking action. It’s important to be present while also trying to stay ahead for the future.

Image from Pexels

About the Author

Ja’Nia Keith is the Social Media Intern at The Back Office Studio. She’s currently a sophomore at Hampton University in Virginia. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing. Let’s connect on LinkedIn: Ja'Nia Keith

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