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Networking: 4 Tips to Build Your Networking Skills

Article by Kristin Anne Danko

Networking is a skill and it can be scary when you start. Here are some tips to help you master the skill of networking:

1. Focus on Learning

Instead of focusing on what you can get from someone, focus on what you can learn from them.

2. Offer to Help

When you connect with someone’s organization and/or mission, find ways to help. Volunteering and sitting on a board is a great way to build your network.

3. Be Consistent

Attending one networking event won’t get you far. It’s important to show up on a consistent basis to build your relationships and network.

4. Follow Up

Don’t put those business cards in a drawer never to be seen again. Follow up with the people you connected with and keep the communication going!

Once you’ve committed to building your network, look for local networking events that you can attend. Coworking spaces like The Back Office Studio, your local Chamber of Commerce, and Meetup groups are excellent places to find networking events.

Networking is crucial to business growth. Remember these tips at your next networking event!

About the Author:

Kristin Anne Danko is the Community Manager at The Back Office Studioc. She earned her MA in arts administration from Eastern Michigan University. She is the o-founder and artistic director of Neighborhood Theatre Group, a non-profit theatre company in Ypsilanti. Let’s connect on Twitter: @KristinAnne_38

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