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4 Lucrative Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Guest Article by Barby Johan

The traditional office where workers have to clock in for eight hours to work onsite is fast becoming a thing of the past. Even before the pandemic started, the number of remote workers around the world had increased by 140% since 2005. COVID-19 just tipped the scales even further, as several businesses were forced to suspend their on-ground operations and shift to remote or mixed work arrangements. This turning point in work culture is projected to stay even after we overcome the pandemic, and this opens up more opportunities for people to work in more practical ways, such as in their homes or in coworking studios. Remote work also provides the workforce with more opportunities on a global scale, especially for those who are in the market for these positions:

Photo Source: Copernico

Web Developer

Web developers don’t just create and code websites, they’re also mainly responsible for site modifications and maintenance. While not a requirement, an eye for aesthetics is a plus in this field. Clients appreciate websites that are both functional and visually appealing. You can specialize in website creation, design, or maintenance— although in most cases, you’ll find yourself doing a mix of all three. First, you should have all the fundamental web development skills which you can learn from a multitude of online coding courses, some of which are free. Getting a certificate from any of these online courses will certainly help make you look more professional when you start job hunting. All you need is your laptop, stable internet, and you’ll be good to go. Animator

For individuals who are naturally creative and are great illustrators, freelance animation is something to look into. Online video content has become king in recent years, and there are tons of companies and content creators who are constantly looking for people who can create animation and visual effects for their videos. Invest in good animation software and illustration equipment, and start working on your reel. You can create accounts on freelance boards like Upwork and Freelancer to reach more potential clients. Business Analyst

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses have had to scramble and pivot their strategies to weather the economic downturn and sudden changes in consumer behaviors. This drove up a high demand for people who can help them navigate through this time, as business analysts. While it might seem like a job that requires a person to be in the office, business analysts are now becoming increasingly more remote due to the digital nature of the job. As long as the employee has an internet connection and the right software they can access the data anywhere in the world. However, if you want to become a business analyst you will need the right qualifications. The good news is that like the job, studying this skillset can be done online and remotely. Through an online business administration degree, you can learn the core skills needed to become a successful business analyst, such as corporate strategy and research. Like remote-jobs, these online degrees have become more popular during the pandemic, and are just as valid as your typical credentials earned from face-to-face classes. With the right education and skill set, you can aim for one of the most competitive jobs in business (median salary of $79,200) while still being anywhere in the world Digital Marketer

Nearly every single business now has an online presence, which is both a good and challenging thing. It’s good because they’re now more accessible to the market than ever; it’s challenging because the competition gets tough. This is why digital marketers have been so in-demand in the last few years, as companies from small businesses to brick-and-mortar enterprises are all vying for virtual real estate. There are different types of digital marketing, with SEO, content, email, and influencer marketing being some of the most popular. While taking classes or certification programs are great ways to kickstart your digital marketing career, it’s also just as important to build an online network to expand your reach more effectively. The New “Office”

While remote jobs certainly offer flexibility and comfort, they are still jobs with set expectations and deliverables. For a lot of people, it’s still a must to have a place to go to work. This is why coworking spaces are a great option, as they accommodate all kinds of professionals. Shared office spaces offer a variety of membership options ranging from day passes to dedicated single offices; many include conference rooms for bigger groups or meetings. Coworking studios like The Back Office Studio have all your work essentials such as high-speed internet and free coffee, which can help you carry out tasks without a hitch.

Today’s workforce is faced with more technological innovations than ever before, so make the most out of it and find a lucrative career that best suits your skillset, wherever you are.


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