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4 Ways to Be More Productive in a Coworking Space

Guest article by Joanne Roffman

Image by Pexels

Productivity is the lifeblood of any small business, as we've discussed previously in our article on Productivity Tips. From utilizing communication tools to investing in ergonomic desks, finding effective ways to optimize performance and efficiency is crucial for success. This holds true for traditional office spaces and coworking spaces, which are growing increasingly popular and have become a hub for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

With coworking spaces' unique dynamics and shared environments, it's essential to embrace productivity tips to help individuals make the most of their time and maximize their output. In this article, we will explore four practical ways to boost productivity in a coworking space.

Minimize Distractions

Coworking spaces can be bustling with activity, making it easy to get distracted. Consider using noise-canceling headphones to create a focused environment. Forward-thinking audio-technology brand Edifier utilizes Hybrid ANC technology in their W820NB Plus headphones to effectively cancel up to 43dB of background noise. Their advanced deep neural network call noise reduction technology also ensures you can take quality business calls even in crowded coworking spaces.

Otherwise, you can also use productivity tools like Freedom or Focus@Will. These tools block distracting websites and play curated background music scientifically designed to enhance concentration.

Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Beyond personal time management, uncomfortable desks can contribute to body pain, making it harder to concentrate on the task at hand. Hence, ergonomic chairs offer adjustable features that cater to individual needs, such as height adjustment. Pain Free Working highlights the seat tilt limiter feature of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair and the Called Pixelated Support feature of the Embody Chair that help support the natural curve of your lower back. These help promote proper posture and reduce the risk of back pain so that you can work leisurely for long hours.

Choose a coworking space that prioritizes ergonomics and comfort. Otherwise, consider bringing your own ergonomic accessories, such as a lumbar pillow or a portable laptop stand, to improve your workspace setup.

Harness the Power of Productivity Apps

In the digital age, productivity apps have become indispensable tools for managing tasks, organizing schedules, and staying focused. One popular example is Todoist, an online task manager which helps you create and manage to-do lists with due dates, reminders, and priority levels. Its Intelligent Input bar can scan what you type and pick up anything actionable — from tagging teammates, projects, and filters to setting a priority level. By leveraging such productivity apps, you can streamline your workflow, prioritize effectively, and stay on top of your responsibilities in a coworking space.

Take Advantage of Collaborative Opportunities

One of the major advantages of coworking spaces is the potential for networking. LeadThink founder Minal Jagtiani explains that networking can be a breeding ground for knowledge and learning. Therefore, networking at coworking spaces with employees from all walks of life and work environments can offer invaluable personal and professional growth opportunities.

At The Back Office Studio, we regularly hold networking events such as Ypsi 9th Hour, an after-work networking and camaraderie social scene. By tapping into our coworking community's collective knowledge and expertise, you can gain new insights and even find potential clients or collaborators.

Implementing these four strategies can enhance your productivity levels and maximize your coworking experience. Join us at The Back Office Studio with our Day Passes that start at $20 per day, or consider having your own private office at only ​​$750 a month.

Article written by Joanne Roffman

Exclusively for The Back Office Studio

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