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BOS Member Spotlight: Haunted Mitten Podcast

Meet BOS Members Crysta K. Coburn and Kay Gray, hosts of the Haunted Mitten Podcast. We asked them a few questions about their local podcast and experience at The Back Office Studio. Here's what they had to say:

BOS: Tell us a little bit about your podcast.

HAUNTED MITTEN: Haunted Mitten is a paranormal podcast that is entirely focused on Michigan. Both peninsulas, not just the lower one! Michigan is such a unique state. Humans have been living here for over 10,000 years, and we've been a blending of cultures for much of that time. Who wouldn't want to live in a freshwater wonderland? That has resulted in a lot of legends, folklore, and, of course, ghost stories. Over the past 5 seasons, Haunted Mitten has covered ghost ships, haunted wrecks, witches (#NotAWitch), haunted libraries, cemeteries, the infamous Dogman, many of Michigan's major cities, and so much more. We explore the facts and history of a story as well as the lore. Just because a legend turns out to be untrue doesn't mean weird stuff doesn't still occur.

BOS: How long have you been members of The BOS?

HAUNTED MITTEN: We've been members since November 2022, and it's been wonderful. We are still exploring all of the things that are available as members. 

BOS: What do you like most about coworking at The BOS?

HAUNTED MITTEN: Haunted Mitten is not at a point where we need our own office, but we do need a place to work. We do a lot of historical as well as folkloric research; we write the scripts to the majority of our episodes (the final episode of every season is a free-flow conversation with a guest); and lately we have been conducting interviews, which the phone booths have been perfect for. We have been invited to speak at multiple libraries and festivals, and having a place to meet away from the many distractions at our homes where we can plan our event seasons as well recording seasons has been wonderful. The complimentary tea and coffee are a great bonus!

BOS: What advice do you have for anyone who'd like to start a podcast?

HAUNTED MITTEN: Podcasting is something you can do yourself at home, so it seems like it will be easy. But you want to have a solid vision before you start recording. The idea behind Haunted Mitten is built right into the name -- we focus on the spooky side of the Mitten State! Know what you're about so your listeners know what to tune in for. There is always time to learn and adapt to what works best as you go, but as long as it's a topic you enjoy, and you stay focused on that, you will find your niche.

Thank you Crysta and Kay from Haunted Mitten!

To learn more about becoming a member at BOS visit or email our community manager, Kristin Danko at

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