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BOS Member Spotlight: Emmanuel Jones

Meet BOS Member, Emmanuel Jones, owner of Jones Cleaning Group. We asked him a few questions about his business and entrepreneurship, here’s what he had to say:

BOS: Tell us about your small business.

EMMANUEL: Jones Cleaning Group is a minority-owned and operated company based in Wayne County. Since 2016, we have offered our commercial cleaning services among other services recently expanding to encompass Southeastern Michigan and surrounding cities. We invest within the communities we work through partnering with local minority-owned vendors and contractors, hiring individuals from vulnerable populations (low-income, returning citizens, veterans) and giving our time and resource to support local charities to provide a safe, secure and clean environment where our clients work, learn, play and create fellowship.

BOS: How long have you been a member of the BOS?

EMMANUEL: Has it been since March 2022?

BOS: What do you like most about coworking at the BOS?

EMMANUEL: The networking, connections that are made. The ability to have a place to hold individual and team meetings. It has really benefitted me and my company in being able to have in some ways a physical location to meet in Washtenaw County.

BOS: What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

EMMANUEL: My advice to any new entrepreneur is never expect your plans to go as expected. Be flexible, be diligent and work through adversity (don’t give up) when it comes your way. Stay focused on improving your process and the results will come!

Thank you, Emmanuel!

To learn more about becoming a member at BOS visit or email our community manager, Kristin Danko at

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