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Solopreneurs: 3 ways to handle the stress of running your own business

Article by Kristin Anne Danko, The Back Office Studio

As a solopreneur, you know the stress that comes with running your own business. Between running my own nonprofit and managing The Back Office Studio, a coworking space in downtown Ypsilanti I understand the stress that comes with entrepreneurship. I found two articles highlighting ways to take care of yourself when your business is weighing you down.

The first article from , “8 Practical Ways to Succeed Under Pressure” by Young Entrepreneur Council, discusses ways to respond to the pressures you will inevitably face as a solopreneur.

In the second article, “6 Red Flags Your Body is Breaking Down from Overwork”, found on, author Aytekin Tank highlights ways to listen to your body. They suggest listening to those headaches, fatigue, and other warning signs you may be overworking yourself.

Drawing from these two articles and my experience working with solopreneurs, I have three recommendations to help you deal with the stress of running your own business.

  • Take a break - Close your computer, take a walk, close your eyes, meditate, anything to clear your mind for a while.

  • Don’t Panic - Running a business is stressful, remember to breathe!

  • Make a List - Jot down all the things you need to do, small and large, to get them out of your head and on paper!

Starting a venture on your own is scary. Remember to take care of yourself so you can keep doing what you love!

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About the Author

Kristin Anne Danko is the Community Manager at The Back Office Studio. She earned her MA in arts administration from Eastern Michigan University and is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Neighborhood Theatre Group, a non-profit theatre company in Ypsilanti. She is currently pursuing a Social Media Specialization Certificate with Northwestern and Coursera. Let’s connect on Twitter: @KristinAnne_38

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