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Three Trends in Coworking

Article by Kristin Anne Danko

A group of professionals sitting around a table working
Photo courtesy of The Back Office Studio

Coworking is gaining a lot of popularity in the country and for good reason. With solopreneurship skyrocketing and remote working on the rise, coworking provides an excellent solution for this new way of working.

As the community manager of The Back Office Studio, a 9,000 sq ft coworking studio in Ypsilanti, Michigan, I’ve seen several trends over the past few years in coworking. Here are three current trends in coworking right now:

1. Dedicated Desks for Remote Workers

Dedicated desks are usually thought of for small teams or entrepreneurs, but lately remote workers are moving in. At The Back Office Studio, half of our Dedicated Desk members work remotely. The ability to separate work from home is extremely attractive to remote workers and necessary for a healthy work-life balance. Being in an open space where everyone is working independently and simultaneously provides a social, professional, and comfortable atmosphere well suited for productivity.

2. Virtual Mailboxes for Solopreneurs

The expansion in solopreneurship has led to an increase in the need for a business address. A virtual mailbox allows you to have an address for your business that is not your home. Some Virtual memberships, like the one at The Back Office Studio, includes other perks such as the ability to cowork during business hours, member discount on meeting rooms, and invitations to all member events. The vast majority of our virtual members are solopreneurs, they range from freelancers and consultants to graphic designers, painters and hypnotherapists.

3. Hosting Networking Events

As the pandemic winds down and businesses open up, the need for networking is at an all time high. Coworking spaces are ideal for hosting these types of events as they already bring a diverse range of professionals together on the daily. Networking events such as Ypsi 9th Hour, which The Back Office Studio cohosts with SPARK East, brings together entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners from all over southeast Michigan.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or remote worker, coworking may be the place for you. Pop in for a tour or get a Day Pass to see if you can benefit from joining a coworking space!

About The Back Office Studio

The Back Office Studio, located at 13 N Washington St, Ypsilanti, was created for curious, hard-working, sociable professionals. People who want to focus on creating great, innovative products, services and businesses without worrying about rent, wifi, electricity, or running out of coffee.

We are a 9,000 sq. ft. coworking studio with meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, networking opportunities, and high-speed wifi. We’re extremely proud of our members and welcome you to join our community!

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