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Member Spotlight: Kristen Allen

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Meet BOS Member Kristen Allen, owner of Sign Docs Pro. We asked Kristen about her small business and experience coworking at The Back Office Studio. Here's what she said:

BOS: Tell us about your small business.

KRISTEN: As the owner of Sign Docs Pro, I am a commissioned Notary Public who conducts closings for the mortgage industry. My job is to verify a signer's identity and to ensure that completed documents are error-free and returned to the title company in a timely fashion. I also serve our local community by notarizing a variety of documents pertaining to anything from adoptions to wills.

BOS: How long have you been a member of The BOS?

KRISTEN: I joined the BOS in November 2019.

BOS: What do you like most about working at The BOS?

KRISTEN: Networking at The BOS has been game-changing. Any given moment the people you come in contact with are some of the warmest, most uplifting individuals you could possibly encounter. Fellow members and staff genuinely care and want you and your business to be successful. The BOS hosts both online and in-person events that are chock-full of value. Conversations are pure gold and worth far more than the cost of membership. These are the people you want to know.

BOS: What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

KRISTEN: Be professional grade right out of the gate as best you can. Invest in yourself and order nice business cards, a 1-800 number, domain name, professional email address, business bank account, and BOS address. Then, make sure everyone knows what you do and how you're looking to serve. Don't be afraid to speak up!

Thank you for coworking at The BOS!

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