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BOS Member Spotlight: Dr. Ashlea Clark

Meet BOS Member Dr. Ashlea Clark, owner of The Alignment Studio. We asked Dr. Ashlea about her small business and experience coworking at The Back Office Studio. Check out her interview below.

BOS: Tell us about your small business.

Dr. Ashlea: The Alignment Studio is a chiropractic and wellness practice with the philosophy that health care should be tailored to the needs of the individual and also be affordable. Each studio session is a combination of physiotherapy, exercise, muscle work, modalities, yoga, nutritional counseling and of course spinal adjustment. Which methods we use are based on each individual’s health care goals and needs. The purpose being to find the root cause of the issue and correct it; thus, alleviating the symptomology and learning ways to prevent it. Everyone deserves to feel their very best.

BOS: How long have you been a member of The BOS?

Dr. Ashlea: I started working at The BOS end of September 2021.

BOS: What do you like most about coworking at The BOS?

Dr. Ashlea: Although I am often here during “off” hours, it is nice to have a sense of community in the workplace. The BOS has given me the ability to keep my overhead expenses at a minimum allowing me to keep care cost efficient for clients.

BOS: What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

Dr. Ashlea: Start before you are ready. It is scary and can feel overwhelming at times; but if you wait until everything is perfect and “known” you’ll never begin. Trust yourself enough to know that you will be able to learn on the job and have the capacity to overcome new challenges as they arise.

Thank you for coworking at The BOS! To learn more about Dr. Ashlea Clark and The Alignment Studio visit

For more information on coworking at The Back Office Studio email our community manager, Kristin Danko at

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